The TMCF Impact

TMCF provides unparalleled access to a funnel of opportunities for students to journey to college, through college and into a career. Despite the universal challenges that face today’s college bound student, TMCF transforms the lives of thousands of students each year.

$ 150 M+
Awarded to member-schools and students
0 Students
$5,750,236 of scholarship funding enables them to stay in school the 2019-20 school year
1 %
Percentage of HBCU students on TMCF member-school campuses
1 %
Awards are distributed exclusively to HBCUs and PBIs
1 Classroom Teachers
Trained to impact more than 31,000 K-12 students each year
1 Students
Prepared for Career Success
1 Students
Developed at the annual Leadership Institute
1 Students
Secured good jobs and/or internships

200 Students

TMCF helps over 200 students a year obtain executive-track positions. 

Over 500,000 teacher leaves the classroom or move each year, costing U.S. up to $2.2 billion annually. Of those, 50% of new teachers are leaving the profession completely. 

320 Teachers

TMCF's Teacher Quality and Retention Program helps prepare over 320 new and continuing teachers for success in classroom.

90% Dropout

"There is a 90% dropout rate among first-graduation students due to lack of financial support."

200 Students

TMCF's first-graduation program ensure that 200 students can stay in the school and bet the first in their immediate families to graduate from college.

86% of Business & HR Leaders

"86% of businesses and HR leaders believe they do not have an adequate leadership pipeline." 

A lack of diverse talent impacts the nation's economy.

32,000 PK-12 Students

Each year an average, TMCF's Talent Acquisition identifies and prepares nearly 32,000 PK-12 students on our 47 member-school campuses around the country for success in the workplace.

1 in 3 College

"1 in 3 college freshmen drop out by the end of their first year of school due to lack of funding."



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Meet Our Talent

Talia Hawley

Being a Hennessy Fellow means leading by example. I am so grateful to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Hennessy for investing and empowering me to push the limits of my potential to achieve my dreams. I consider myself a nonprofit, with a mission to pay it forward. The Hennessy Fellows Boot Camp will give me

Jonathan Jones

I am thankful to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) and Hennessy for this opportunity of a lifetime. Being selected as a Hennessy Fellow is extremely fulfilling. It means Hennessy and TMCF believe I represent the same level of excellence they both strive for every day. The exposure to Hennessy corporate executives, professional mentorship, networking events,

Jaiden Boyce

Electrical Engineering North Carolina A&T State University This past year Jaiden received a 5.0 GPA for both semesters earning him a spot on the Dean’s List… he has garnered several school, county, and state awards for his academic accomplishments, all while logging countless volunteer hours.