Learning Across the Hemisphere

In today’s borderless world, American higher education continues to play a key role in building communities of learning across the hemisphere. Public universities are increasingly serving as a catalyst in carrying out the trilogy of education, research and public service in partnership with transnational universities. With few exceptions, public universities have internationalized their campuses by recruiting and enrolling more foreign students, conducting research in collaboration with international universities, and creating public forums for intercultural discourse between faculty and students across the academic and global spectrums.

The growing commitment to international education has not only enhanced the vitality of the undergraduate experience, it has also underscored the economic benefits of producing global citizens for the world of tomorrow. While a similar commitment can be found at the nation’s publicly-supportedHistorically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), the internationalization of their curriculum, classrooms and campuses has been less than marginal, due to the less than marginal funding from public and private sources. In response to this challenge, in 2009, TMCF renewed its commitment to building partnerships between member-schools and world-class institutions of higher education in Asia, Africa and beyond.

In 2013, TMCF created the Payne Global Initiative (PGI) to create new and innovative education, research and extension programs designed to bolster human capital for tomorrow’s workforce. The PGI is one of several TMCF programs aimed at increasing the production of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics, commonly referred to as STEAM.


  • To serve as a source of new ideas, best practices, and innovative policies and programs in the field of global education.
  • To increase more opportunities for students to study abroad, to strengthen bilateral student and faculty exchanges, and to create strategic relationships in education and research.
  • To devote greater attention to collaborating with other organizations to produce information that will provoke critical thinking and policy, with respect to global programs at publicly-supported HBCUs.
  • Southern Partnership
  • HEA Abroad
  • Schwarzman Scholars
  • (IIE) – Generation Study Abroad

Southern University Partnership
Southern University Baton Rouge has collaborated with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), select land-grant HBCUs, and state agencies to develop the “1890’s Institutions Initiative” to forge global partnership to create the production of human capital in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics (STEAM).

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HEA Abroad
The HDI’s Higher Education Alliance (HEA) facilitates student and faculty exchanges, and specialized institutional “twinning programs” between American and international HEA member schools, in order to create strong international networks and experiences for all participating members. In the summer of 2015, several TMCF students enjoyed an HEA-sponsored experience. 

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Schwarzman Scholars
This elite and generously endowed international scholarship program is designed to create the next generation of global leaders in response to the geopolitical landscape of the twenty-first century with respect to the role of China. Schwarzman will inaugurate its first class in 2016 and will give the world’s best and brightest students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through a one-year Master’s Degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China’s most prestigious universities.

With support from Schwarzman, TMCF will host information forums on a select group of member-school campuses. The primary intent is to introduce students to the program, guide them through the application process, and help them understand the essential elements of a highly competitive process in the selection of scholars.

Institute of International Education (IIE) – Generation Study Abroad
Over the next 5 years, Generation Study Abroad will reach out to educators at all levels and stakeholders in the public and private sectors to encourage purposeful, innovative action to get more Americans to undertake an international experience. Putting IIE’s resources behind this campaign highlights the commitment to increasing study abroad that has been so much a part of the Institute’s mission for our first 95 years.

IIE hosted a reception at the TMCF’s annual Leadership Institute in 2014 and TMCF recently joined other prominent higher education associations and universities in IIE’s “Generation Study Abroad” Partner Network. The primary purpose of the Network is to double U.S. study abroad participation through collaborative and robust relationships across the academic spectrum. As a member of the Network, TMCF and its member-schools will have greater access to IIE’s resources, toolkits and exclusive opportunities to enhance the undergraduate experience through international education.

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