HBCU White Paper on HBCU Sustainability Released by TMCF

///HBCU White Paper on HBCU Sustainability Released by TMCF

HBCU White Paper on HBCU Sustainability Released by TMCF


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WASHINGTON, DC (May 8, 2019)– Today, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), in partnership with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the Millennium Leadership Institute (MLI), released a groundbreaking white paper entitled “Preserving the Legacy and Securing the Future for HBCUs, Solutions from Thought Leaders,” focused on providing Historically Black College and University (HBCU) sustainability solutions.Last year, TMCF president & CEO, Harry L. Williams authored an op-ed about the sustainability of our nation’s HBCUs and articulated options the Black College Community should begin to consider to help preserve the legacies and secure the future for our nation’s HBCUs. Additionally, he proposed a convening a solutions-focused summit of prominent HBCU leaders, and elected officials, to have a frank, open and honest discussion about the problems that our institutions face and develop potential solutions to those problems so that we can help ensure HBCU sustainability.“I am proud to see TMCF take the lead along with our partners at AASCU and MLI to propose actual solutions in this white paper to help the entire Black College Community,” said Harry L. Williams, TMCF president & CEO. “If another HBCU, private or public, shuts its doors, we can never create a new one, so we have to be proactive and find bold and innovative solutions to ensure HBCU survival in this global and ultra-competitive Higher Education marketplace.”TMCF partnered with AASCU and MLI, during their 2018 annual meeting to host the HBCU Sustainability Summit resulting in the white paper being released today.The white paper focuses on providing solutions for the following areas:

  • Student Enrollment, Sustainability, and Growth
  • Institutional Finances and Investment
  • Sustainable Student Athletic Programs
  • Mergers, Consolidations and Constructive Affiliations

To read the white paper in full please visit: https://www.tmcf.org/policy-advocacy/white-papers/hbcu-sustainability-white-paper/ Note: Harry L. Williams is available for further comment.


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