Adrien Feudjio

Have you ever been at a stage in your life where you thought it couldn’t get any worse? In 2017, as I was getting ready for my final year of college, I received unexpected news leaving me unable to pay for college. Even a loan was not an option given my status.

A friend of mine introduced me to TMCF and advised me to apply online. Their online application process was so simple, smooth and tailored. I thought it was too good to be true with all the numerous scholarship sites out there.

Nonetheless, in a situation of extreme need, doubting and talking myself out of it was not an option, so I just did it. Not even two weeks after resuming college, I got an email from TMCF that I received a scholarship of $6,000.

That was not enough to pay my full tuition. A TMCF representative followed up with me, and TMCF sent me $6,500 the following week which covered my final year and allowed me to focus on school and graduate both as a Valedictorian and Presidential Awardee.

If not for TMCF, I would not have graduated in 4 years.

If not for TMCF, I would not have graduated with 3 job offers lined up.

If not for TMCF, I would not have graduated with the greatest distinctions at my University.

They did it for me and many other friends of mine, they can do it for you!