Aimee N. Lay Dunn

As challenging as things are today, it is imperative to be mission minded. Having been part of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) for the past two years has helped me focus on my goals. During my senior year, I had the pleasure of being the TMCF Student Ambassador at York College. I was a two-time Leadership Institute participant and two-time Wells Fargo scholar, all because of Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Attending TMCF’s Leadership Institute as a participant in my first year, was an awakening to how little I had accomplished, but how many more opportunities were being presented to me to change that. TMCF had a plethora of opportunities for student scholars ranging from scholarships, internships, and on the spot career opportunities with elite companies. Walmart, Apple, and United Airlines were some of the companies students had a chance to interview with. TMCF spent countless weeks preparing you to secure these moments.

This year, attending as a Student Ambassador gave me the opportunity to help prepare my fellow student scholars to become more assertive, build their confidence to introduce themselves to the directors of these companies, walk away with secured internships, and become more persistent in obtaining those offers. I know TMCF created that atmosphere for me last year, so it was my responsibility to pass it along. I received so much encouragement from the staff, various CEOs, along with powerful advice in our branding sessions that empowered me to develop my skills and prepare for a successful career in the future. As TMCF’s motto is “changing the world…one leader at a time,” I know that I can be a part of impacting this world as a young leader one step at a time.