Alex McKee

If it wasn’t for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, my future goals would not have been as attainable. I was raised on the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” TMCF without a doubt has contributed to that village and eased certain burdens within my life. TMCF invested in me as a college student and that investment has inspired me to be an investor in future endeavors of my life. I stand eternally grateful to TMCF for allowing me to be able to not just chase my dreams but to realize my dreams.

I am a reflection of Justice Thurgood Marshall because I strive each and every day to mirror the same level of conviction and determination demonstrated by Justice Thurgood Marshall himself. I intend to strive for excellence and the highest level of success as I carry on with my future life endeavors. He earned his well-deserved place in history and it should never be forgotten that he was one of the catalysts that made it possible for my generation. I strongly admire and appreciate the mark that Justice Thurgood Marshall left in the world as he followed his chosen path. It is my prayer that I can leave my mark on this world by any means.