Imani Williams

If it was not for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, I would not be as equipped and confident about my career goals as I am today. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund builds character through the high expectations set for their scholars. TMCF also prepares students not only for their present situation but for future endeavors as well. Furthermore, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund not only encourages students to succeed academically but to also excel in social settings through networking. To conclude, as a result of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, I am a better woman and future attorney.

I am a reflection of Justice Thurgood Marshall because I am following in his footsteps. Justice Marshall paved the way for minorities, like myself, to even have an impact on society in the legal field. Additionally, I am a reflection of Justice Marshall by being an African American student who fully appreciates the exceptional educational opportunities he provided. Due to Justice Marshall ending the systematic racism in public schools, I was afforded a great education and had the opportunity to choose what schools I wanted to attend. Thus, as a minority student and future attorney striving to make a difference, I am a reflection of Justice Thurgood Marshall.