Mercy Besong

“I am a reflection of Justice Thurgood Marshall because… I am determined to be the first person in my family to receive a college degree. That would mean that my mother’s hard and desperate work finally paid off. … I strongly believe that there is no success without hard work and proper attitude… TMCF has seen this in me, and I thank you and my late mother thanks you.

TMCF afforded me the opportunity to receive a job offer in NYC with Citi Year. New York City has always been a city that I have dreamed of visiting ever since I was a child and never thought I would have the chance. This job offer is an amazing experience and turned that dream into a reality. I look forward to enjoying every moment of working with these amazing kids.

If it wasn’t for TMCF… I would not have been able to pursue my college degree in Business. I received the TMCF Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship which paid the balance of my tuition and allowed me to be first in my family who is going to receive a college degree.”