Olivia Joy Stinson

When thinking of who I model my professional career after, I think that I would say Iyanla Vanzant. I chose her because she went through so many different things and she kinda had a plan for her life. She had it all planned out and her plan was completely derailed, but instead of sulking in that — she took it and she used it — to not only advance her career and to create a career for herself, but she also took that and now she’s helping others.

The quote “to whom much is given — much is required” is something that I have learned to live by and I’ve had a lot of opportunities presented my way and for me — you can either take it and you can use it and have a big ego or you can take it and you can use it to give back. Last year, I came to Leadership Institute as a student and this year I’m here now as a working professional here to give back to the students that are here.