Quinn A. Smith

If it wasn’t for TMCF… I would not be the strong, ambitious, and confident businessman I am today. This program gave me vital resources to succeed academically, socially, and in corporate offices. TMCF also provided me with multiple opportunities to advance in my career both personally and professionally such as being and advocate for the In the Black Campaign, and participation in the Leadership Institute. Through the Leadership Institute, I was able to secure 3 full-time job offers where I would go on to accept a position with Microsoft. Most importantly, TMCF is a family that continues to support and nurture the next generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and etc.. Any and all dreams are achievable with the love and support from the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

I am a reflection of Thurgood Marshall because… Justice Marshall was a strong black man that refused to allow any form of oppression to dictate his pursuit of positively changing the world we live in. He fought for and defended the equal rights and civil liberties we hold dear.