Sequena Clarke

Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s 18th Annual Leadership Institute (LI) was indeed a life-altering experience. Saying my first LI was merely gratifying would be a gross understatement. I experienced a personal and professional metamorphosis. I, along with a community of scholars whose academic prowess, strong character, and talents were nurtured and appreciated by individuals like Dr. Payne and dedicated members of the Thurgood Marshall Collge Fund. The support and teaching that myself and all participants received was immense and priceless. TMCF was not merely an organization that provided job opportunities and resources for marginalized students, but a family and haven for students to be enveloped in love and surrounded by individuals that invested in our personal growth and professional success.

TMCF allowed me to identify, develop and market my talents with webinars and the Gallup Strength Finder Assessment. I garnered a better understanding of my strengths and the qualities that employers expect of well-rounded employees. TMCF did not just present me with the tools but guided me through the utilization process. I am now more prepared than ever to navigate the corporate landscape. I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to be apart of the 2018 LI. Not only was I successful in securing employment at Caterpillar Inc., but was given a chance to establish a bond of fellowship with other LI participants most of whom can identify with the struggles and challenges that I have faced since immigrating to the United States in 2009.

All LI participants have learned the idea of servant leadership and the equality that can erect positive change in our immediate communities and globally. Thank you TMCF LI for nurturing the plethora of talent and potential that is rampant within the HBCU community. I will dedicate myself to the principles on which the organization was founded, which is diligence, respect, integrity, selfless service, leadership, perseverance, and cohesion.