Proud Partners

TMCF’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) program appreciates its partners for their contributions and commitment to supporting diverse talent in the HBCU community.  Our supporters play a critical role in bridging the gap between brand presence and brand engagement. I&E and our partners share similar visions and together accomplish mission goals through initiatives that benefit our students and their communities. Our partners set out to develop innovative platforms that bring students in the HBCU community together to share ideas and create experiences while engaging with their brand on a more personal level.

We founded Make School to empower students to build and ship products. Creating a product that improves the lives of others is a thrilling and fulfilling experience that opens the door to a successful career in tech. We’re building the college experience we wished existed, one where our students love coming to school every day and are passionate about their work.

We’re creating an education relevant to today’s industry where students gradually transition into the professional world. We believe in learning by doing, at Make School studying takes a back seat to creating. We believe the app is the new resume, a portfolio of products is more powerful than any credential. We believe coding is the world’s first superpower, our students help make the world a better place.


The ACT House started as an experiment to rethink and redefine how we engage minorities in tech. We saw an obvious problem and wanted to solve it. With a passion for all-things-tech and students attending college across the country, we began a journey to discover how we could increase the success rate of minority-owned startups. We had no idea it would be this awesome! Our program rests on the sole premise that every team needs an architect (a business mind), a creative (brander and designer), and a technical (a programmer). Click here to learn more about the great things happening at The ACT House.

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