TMCF can manage the internship program to allow employers to stay focused on its other key objectives while leaving the administration to TMCF. TMCF is equipped to handle all administrative details, including marketing, on-boarding, payroll, housing assistance, performance management, and much more. This arrangement ensures best-in-class experiences for both employers and interns.


Access to Highly and Qualified Diverse Talent
TMCF offers a tailored search utilizing a strength-based approach that ensures candidates with the highest potential are identified. With our wealth of experience in diverse talent identification, employers have enjoyed greater access to highly qualified and diverse talent.

Create A Pipeline of Talent
Internships create a unique opportunity for college students and employers to co-invest in the future. Interns gain valuable work experience that will help them in future careers, while successful internships help employers identify leaders of tomorrow that can transition into their workforce.

Program Management
TMCF manages your internship program while allowing the employer to stay focused on its key objectives.

For more information on how we can customize a new program for you or how you can support one of our current programs, email or call 202.507.4851.