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The Pitch is an exciting three-day entrepreneurial training and app development competition for 100 of the greatest young minds from HBCUs and PBI, who think critically, creatively, and are passionate about solving problems. Participants are placed in teams that include aspiring entrepreneurs and product builders. The teams are tasked with developing solutions to business, social, or educational problems and then pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges comprised of entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, venture capitalists and other investors. 

In addition, each participant is exposed to Apple’s programming language, Swift, and taught the Business Model Canvas. This tailored coaching practicum approach allows them to build smarter and faster while having fun creating the next big idea. By the end of the competition, participants are equipped with increased knowledge and experience in the areas of venture ideation, team building, business model canvas, customer discovery, and pitching. This unique environment provides fertile ground for the growth and development of startups.

The Pitch 2019 is an optimum opportunity for students to learn, engage in hands-on exercises, and develop the three C’s of an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Curiosity, Connections, and Creating value.