Being a TMCF scholar has been nothing short of magnificent. I have experienced an abundance of opportunities and help that has shaped me into the professional I am today. At my first conference as a scholar, the Georgia Pacific Early Access Leadership Summit, I gained my first professional development in a real-world work environment. I learned what my future would look like in a professional setting and got the opportunity to showcase myself and my brand. As a result, I gained confidence in myself to accomplish goals as well as land my first internship with the company.

My second conference was the 18th Leadership Institute, and this in itself was an opportunity of a lifetime. There were so many Fortune 500 companies and people there to scout the young talent as well as further our professional development. The features that I liked the most in attending the conference was the breakout sessions with the companies because it gave me a chance to get “one on one” time with them and being able to keep track of all the exciting things happening at the conference through the conference app.

Most of all, the best benefit I’ve gained from being a TMCF Scholar has to be networking with outstanding people because of TMCF. I’ve met so many individuals who have helped, supported, and push me to realize that the sky is not a limit but a stepping stone into space where I can be all that I can be. I recommend all students to take full advantage of the Leadership Institute, in addition to all programs they have to offer because there is something for every situation and person.