CAO: Brown v. Board of Education

Over 63 years ago, the historic decision of Brown v. Board of Education struck down the “separate but equal” doctrine. In commemoration of this landmark decision, the newly launched Center for Advancing Opportunity (CAO) hosted a half-day discussion on Brown v. Board of Education. The conversations examined the historical and present-day significance of the critical ruling. The first panel shared their personal connection to the event; while, the second panel spoke candidly about the progression of education in America. Founder, educator, and Head of Capital Preparatory Schools, Dr. Steve Perry, provided the keynote remarks addressing hot topics such as educational opportunity, school choice and school access. All of the event’s speakers and panelists, which represented organizations including EdChoice, American Enterprise Institute and Digital Pioneers Academy shared their unique perspectives on education in America and sparked a conversation critical to advancing CAO’s mission of advancing education for members of fragile communities.

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