TMCF Urges Co-Sponsors for Legislation Suspending Inequities in State Matched Funding for Land Grant Institutions

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Urges Members to Co-Sponsor Representative Corrine Brown’s Newly Introduced Legislation Suspending Inequities in State Matched Funding for Land Grant Institutions: HR-3828 The Land Grant Opportunity

Washington, DC (October 28, 2015) – The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) fully supports Representative Corrine Brown’s (D-FL) legislation, HR-3828 The Land Grant Opportunity, that addresses inequities in state-matched research and extension funding for land grant institutions. Rep. Browns’ bill ensures 1890 HBCU land grant institutions receive matching state funds at a percentage equal to the funds matched for land grant institutions established under the First Morrill Act of 1862. Equitable distribution of state matching funds of extension and research dollars for all land grant institutions is critical and long over due.

TMCF strongly encourages Members of Congress to co-sponsor Brown’s legislation and protect the nation’s HBCU land grant institutions and their research capabilities.

“HBCUs are in a crisis and their survival is vital to our country’s higher education system especially for minority students seeking STEM careers,” said TMCF President & CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. “Nineteen of the 47 publicly-supported HBCUs are 1890 land grant institutions. Thus, the passing of this bill ensures that students attending HBCUs can continue to compete globally.”

As state and federal budgets remain stretched TMCF will continue to champion for the fair distribution of matching state funds for HBCU Land Grant Institutions. Unequal distribution of State matched funding for HBCU Land Grant Institutions compared to non-HBCU land grant institutions results in diminished resources and differences in the quality of facilities for students attending 1890 HBCUs.


About the Thurgood Marshall College Fund
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