TMCF’s President & CEO, Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. delivers Rites of Passages at Tuskegee

On the first day of New Student Orientation, new students, their parents and families have been treated to a taste of what campus life is all about at Tuskegee University. New Student Orientation (NSO) week has included activities designed to assure parents, as well as acclimate new students to their campus surroundings.

Hosted by the Office of Student Affairs and its units, Admissions and Student Life, NSO week introduced new arrivals to the administration, campus leadership, deans, and student and academic support services. The week concludes on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, by which time students can expect to be familiar with campus and ready to begin their studies on the first day of classes (Thursday, August 18, 2016).

On move-in day, Friday, August 12, 2016, President Dr. Brian L. Johnson and staff members welcomed the newcomers, their parents, and families. The President and staff members were on hand to greet the newcomers and personally assisted with their move-in process, carrying suitcases and belongings to dorm rooms across campus. After an exhausting morning of carrying, pulling, and toting, students and their families enjoyed a pleasant afternoon picnic with the President and First Lady.

The Student Government Association made new students feel at home with a day filled with a meet-and-greet, brunch, and a spirited game of dodge ball on the lawn of Logan Hall.

The Rites of Passage ceremony, held on Sunday, included featured speaker Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Taylor is listed by Ebony Magazine as one of the 100 most influential African Americans, and he urged students to challenge themselves and to develop relationships. Taylor said, “Your network will largely determine your net worth.” He also suggested that students focus on figuring out what problem they want to solve in the world, and spend their college years fully preparing to solve that problem.

The Tuskegee University Faculty and Staff Choir, directed by Dr. Wayne Barr, rendered two selections during the event.

On Tuesday, Dr. Johnson officially welcomed the new freshmen and transfer students to campus and encouraged them to “stand with people of good quality.” He cajoled students to avoid focusing too strongly on the fun and revelry of college life, but instead to concentrate on acquiring the reputation of character for which Tuskegee students have always been known. He echoed Booker T. Washington, stressing that the life of a truly educated person involves the head, heart, and hands, saying that though they might have the potential to learn the skills necessary to be an engineer or chemist, they could not succeed in doing so without the character required to do the work consistently.

New students learned about health and wellness, campus safety, residence hall regulations, career development, and university policies. They were also introduced to Student Affairs representatives and other campus support personnel. On the last day of NSO week, new students will visit their respective colleges and schools and speak with deans, faculty members, and advisors.

Source: Tuskegee University