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From its first Summer Institute in 2009, the Teacher Quality and Retention Program (TQRP) has provided high-caliber training and mentoring to aspiring, pre-service and new teachers from publicly-supported HBCUs and PBIs across the country. The result of lessons learned from a 2006 Gates School Reform grant, as well as the Teacher Prep Program Pilot in 2008, TQRP has emerged into a robust, research-based program that has impacted over 600 Program Fellows over the last 10 years across 20 different states and 45 TMCF member-schools.

TQRP Fellows have impacted over 31,000 K through 12 students in high-need urban and rural areas across the nation. TQRP provides high-quality, pre-service training, as well as personalized support once teachers enter into the classroom. The program also offers an intense ten-day summer institute that convenes all three individual areas of focus (HBCU Males, STEM and New Teachers) to develop sound pedagogy, discuss and demonstrate research-based educational practice, and analyze current educational policy – all with the goal of developing the skills needed to be future teacher leaders.

TQRP Fellows have the opportunity to collaborate with master teachers and TMCF staff to:

  • Work toward becoming certified teachers
  • Successfully complete their first three years in the classroom
  • Acquire support in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to become National Board Certified Teachers when eligible to apply

The TQRP application process is competitive and open to all interested candidates. Chosen participants, called TQRP Fellows, will embark on a multi-year commitment that begins with a summer institute each year. Fellows will continue to be developed with opportunities to attend professional conferences, interactive online support, as well as mentorship and leadership training. Our TQRP Fellows will become the next generation of teacher leaders and part of a community of educators unlike any other.