Doris Harley has been in the Wholesale Club industry for over three decades, and as Vice President and General Merchandise Manager for Food & Sundries with Costco Wholesale since 1999, she has been responsible for several billion dollars in sales for the world’s 2nd largest retailer and 15th largest Fortune 500 companies.

Harley joined Price Club in June 1985 – eight years before its merger with Costco in 1993 – first serving in Rockville, MD, as an “electronic data processor”, and then becoming a buyer in Food & Sundries departments across the region. In 1991, she became Assistant GMM, headquartered in Sterling, VA. After becoming VP/GMM for Costco in August 1999, she relocated to Duluth, GA when the Southeast Regional Office opened in Jan 2000.

As VP/GMM, Harley is responsible for the selection and buying of all Food & Sundries (Tobacco, Candy, Dry Grocery, Sundries, Alcohol, Cooler, Frozen and Deli) in the Southeast Region, which is comprised of 60 warehouses covering 6 states – GA, FL, AL, TN, SC, NC – and Puerto Rico. Food & Sundries represents nearly half of all Costco sales in the region.

With her Costco team, she has been a strong supporter in the local community, hosting a Children’s Miracle Network Golf Tournament for the past 16 years with annual donations of over three-quarters of a million dollars. She also serves on Costco’s Charitable Contributions Committee, works on diversity and inclusion initiatives for Costco’s Diversity Advisory Committee, and is a member of Journey’s Professional Women’s Group at Costco.

Harley attended Prince George’s Community College in Maryland. She and her husband, Chip, have one daughter, Megan, who holds a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and is currently attending Mercer University for a Master’s degree in Teaching.