After attending the Leadership Institute (LI), I had a different love for my HBCU. When I first told the world I was going to Virginia State University (VSU), I received a lot of negative comments such as “you won’t get a good job” and “that school won’t look good on your resume.” Contrary to their beliefs, VSU has offered me so many opportunities. Leadership Institute allowed me to see that as long as you dedicate your time into things that put you steps closer to your goals and aspirations, then anything is possible. I never thought right out of college I was going to be in a position that will lead me towards my career.

The preparation webinars every week before LI prepared me for on-site interviews and helped me to determine when considering an employer. After each meeting, I was able to decide which the company was I wanted to be. I love that the Leadership Institute was strictly for HBCUs and companies were able to see what fantastic talent is available.