David Anderson

There are defining moments in everyone’s lives that are not obvious yet can propel them to unimaginable levels of greatness. For me, this defining moment was acceptance to the 17th Annual Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute (LI). I was a bright-eyed college junior pursuing a degree in finance that had dreams to elevate my life through hard work and opportunity. Throughout my academic career, I put in work and TMCF presented the chance of a lifetime; it was up to me to “carpe diem” the experience. I arrived in our Nation’s Capital for LI on a mission to learn all I possibly could, make meaningful connections, and enhance who I was without losing my authenticity. I accomplished those goals and achieved so much more, including new professional contacts, scholarship funds to continue my education, and internship offers from firms that students from all walks of life dream of receiving.

The Leadership Institute provides students with networking enhancements, presentation skills, and a professional understanding that broadens the scope of what students imagine can be possible. When the opportunity presented itself to attend the LI in 2018, I was ecstatic to learn I was accepted, not because of my gain, but the insight I could bestow upon first-time scholars. I have always acknowledged and implemented “this is greater than me” mentality over my life. Having the ability to converse with top executives from global firms about adjusting to the corporate lifestyle, personal finance strategies, along with receiving full-time career opportunities is what makes the Leadership Institute so extraordinary. I encourage every eligible student to grasp everything TMCF has to offer and allow your life to be enhanced forever.

I will always be grateful to TMCF for exposing me to the endless possibilities that life has to offer and instilling in me an unyielding drive for achievement that I will undoubtedly take into my professional career.