Devron Malveaux

As a Prairie View A&M University student, I was blessed as a freshman to obtain the Student Ambassador role for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). TMCF has impacted my life tremendously. It would be an understatement just to say that I am grateful for all of the opportunities that they have presented to me. They have provided a vast amount of opportunities such as the internships, scholarships, and invitation to Leadership Institute,. They have not only transformed me into the professional African-American student that I was designed to become but have nourished ambition to grow as a successful black man. TMCF has allowed me to transition from having a fixed mindset to a growth mindset in life. The Leadership Institute (LI) is one of the blessings that stand out.

I attended the 18th Annual Leadership Institute, and as a young black male, it was an honor to be an attendee of the conference and be exposed to successful black men that could guide me in this world. Before coming to the Leadership Institute, I had little to no knowledge of finances, investments, and credit. You would consider me a blind black male entering an uncertain world. LI brought inspirational speakers and set up multiple sessions with Fortune 500 companies to teach and guide me on how to become a successful black man. The conference is the reason why I read books such as “Never Eat Alone,” “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” and “Total Money Makeover.” The Leadership Institute is why I share with students that there are no limits in this world. It helped me realize why you shouldn’t limit yourself to the sky when there are footprints on the moon.

Becoming a Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholar is indeed an honor. Being considered a TMCF scholar means more than just the name. It says that you’re in the same category with the best of the best. You are in a league with black individuals who’ve accomplished their dreams when many told them they could not. You are in the same category with humble, successful black people who give back to their community what they’ve learned. They grant young blacks prevailing wisdom that can lead them to the road of success. Becoming a TMCF Scholar and LI Alumni is the reason why I work my hardest on campus today as the Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) Student Ambassador. Students should be aware of all the opportunities that are available throughout this organization. They present students with multiple internship opportunities and a vast amount of scholarships. As Student Ambassador, I give back to PVAMU and promote their brand through information sessions, social media, and campus exhibitions.

Ultimately, I am so thankful for Thurgood Marshall College Fund. They allow me to lead with professionalism, confidence and have embedded in me to work as hard as possible. I express my gratitude towards TMCF and want to tell the whole world of how thankful and how truly a blessing this organization is. I recommend all students try their absolute hardest to attend the Leadership Institute. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund truly ensures you “enter as a student but leave as a professional.”