Thurgood Marshall College Fund Remembers North Carolina Central University Chancellor Dr. Debra Saunders-White

November 28, 2016 – The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) joins the entire black college community, in mourning the loss of esteemed North Carolina Central University (NCCU) Chancellor, Dr. Debra Saunders-White. As NCCU’s first permanent female chancellor, she never allowed her battle with cancer to derail her mission of helping the students, faculty, and staff of NCCU. Whether it was walking the halls of the United States Congress with TMCF, advocating for NCCU and all Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or working behind the scenes to make strategic improvements on and off campus, Dr. Saunders-White was a fighter, a leader and a champion we will never forget, and always admire. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her immediate family, friends and the entire NCCU community that loved and appreciated her so very much. Johnny C. Taylor Jr., TMCF President & CEO.

NOTE: Johnny C. Taylor Jr. is available for further comment.


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